The £1000 House

An Above The Crowd Managed Very Intimate Place.

Although ATC isn’t in the business of directly managing venues, this incredible house has a strong family tie - so easy to fall in love with.

A Grade II listed building built in 1926 and designed by the architect Fred Harrold of Totnes, a pupil of Lutyens. The wings were added in the 1930s and the west wing extended in 1952 and again in 1982.

It is said that part of Journey’s End was written at the house by R.C.Sherriff.

Journey's End is a 1928 dramatic play, the seventh of English playwright R. C. Sherriff. It was first performed at the Apollo Theatre in London by the Incorporated Stage Society on 9 December 1928, starring a young Laurence Olivier, and soon moved to other West End theatres for a two-year run.

A 1930 film version was followed by other adaptations, and the play set a high standard for other works dealing with similar themes, and influenced playwrights including Noël Coward.

Sherriff considered calling it Suspense or Waiting, but eventually found a title in the closing line of a chapter of an unidentified book, "It was late in the evening when we came at last to our journey's end".

Available primarily for TV/Film and Photoshoots, the house is also host to events including Writing, Poetry, Photography, Art and Guitar Workshops. Mental Wealth, Yoga and Meditation and Wellbeing Retreats and the odd party or two.

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