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£47b industry with no voice?

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This is where the Events industry sits in the list of UK industries. In good company with another rising industry, Fitness, at £4.9b, but how when we are 3x bigger than agriculture? We just don't get it when our price tag says 2019 = £47b?

Demand for non-traditional meeting space is expected to have increased by 3.8% in 2018.

With the emergence of Bleisure, mixing business with pleasure, having an unusual meeting space is a competitive advantage but there are many things you can do to avoid the beige meeting space.

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Over 7000 outdoor events take place each year attracting a staggering 27.7million people, of which 10.4 million music tourists directly spending £2.3billion of the industry's net worth.

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Weddings – Over 25% of the revenue generated by events is claimed by Weddings.

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Top Ten event agencies turnover more than £3.5billion – What kind of relationship do you really have with them?

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Do you have the right technology to give them the response times demanded of them?? You can be small and mighty.

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The Exhibitions and Trade Fairs sector is now worth northwards of £19.2billion per year. This is direct spending on venues and in-house spending. We could start repeating ourselves but will refrain from doing you that dis-service.

But in truth more effort could be made towards a much more engaging and rewarding experience once you start to take a look with different and new sets of eyes.

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Event Planners – All reports suggest that these mighty individuals are set to increase not only the number of events on their books but also the budget with which to execute them.

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91% measure the success of their events on attendee satisfaction. 61% measure according to their specific event objectives and 60% determine results based on staying within budget.

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We impact on a local, national and international scale attracting millions of visitors to the UK for meetings.

We have access to vital feedback for them via the demands for locally sourced produce.

We employ locally, offering a casual labour option for all ages.

We encourage the talented self employed, locally, nationally and beyond to fill our venues. Experts in floral theatre, delicious temperature/allergy/length of display appropriate, edibles, interior design, music award winning live entertainment and environments conducive to every potential business need.

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