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Image of Liz Haigh

Liz Haigh

Consultant & Founder

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Image of Owen Heeley

Owen Heeley


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Image of Amanda Withers

Amanda Withers

Consultant & The original ‘Amando’

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Dirk Cox


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Sally Cox


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Image of Sharon Reed

Sharon Reed

Housekeeping Consultant

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Image of Kerry Conway

Kerry Conway

Wellness Guru

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Dean Wilkinson

Image of Dean Wilkinson

Comedy Writer

Dean Wilkinson is a writer for TV, stage, console games and books. In a lengthy career he has written for the likes of John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Harry Hill. He was Ant and Dec’s writer for 7 years and penned the mighty SMTV Live and Chums for them. He is the writer on many big games such as Sony’s LittleBigPlanet and Disney’s Mickey’s Castle Of Illusion and Fantasia Music Evolved.

Sherlock Holmes. The Damned. David Bowie. Being a Dad.

Driver's who don't wave a 'thank you' when you let them go first.

Visit my website deanwilkinson.net
or Sheerluck's sheerluckpi.com

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Stewart Keeys

Image of Stewart Keeys

Psychic Reader

Stewart has built an amazing profile since his first reading in 1994. Stewart who started giving psychic readings 25 years ago has reached dizzying heights with theatre appearances and appearances on TV in the UK, France and Germany as well as his regular radio air time in California.

Stewart's passion for all things Paranormal has seen his work diversify into creating formats for film and TV and he regularly advises on the paranormal genre for production companies in the UK.

March 2019 see's the launch of Claire Waters book "Raising Faith" to which Stewart gave his foreword for the book and Stewart is in the book as he guided Claire in understanding the incredible gift Faith has. Stewart and Claire are to collaborate together with their own book soon.

Stewart's client list is impressive including a growing celebrity cliental in the UK and US. Stewarts testimonial page is incredible. Stewart's clients consult with him over money, work and relationships to help them gain the best life possible but he also speaks to loved ones who have crossed over to the other side bringing back incredible evidence of life after death.

Stewart also specialises in personal development coaching, he's a healer enabling him to heal and realign peoples energy to give them wellness in mind and body.

His gift is mind blowing and life enhancing but his success has been built upon his grounded approach to life, his glowing charisma which is strongly characterized by a personal charm and magnetism that anyone will sense the moment they meet him.

His powerful psychic abilities are undoubtedly magnificent which gives Stewart the focus on becoming a name to be heard and remembered for many years to come.

Website ~ www.stewartkeeys.com

Celebrity Testimonials:

"Stewart, it was wonderful sharing time with you today at the studio. You made me feel so at ease during our time together. I have felt so peaceful ever since. You blew me away!" ~ Singer Songwriter Adele

"You are going to be massive, be ready....you can't begin to comprehend it." ~ Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted TV Show.

"An enchanting man with an amazing gift." ~ Russell Grant, TV Personality & Astrologer.

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Michael Conway

Image of Michael Conway

Welsh Tenor & Creative Director

A welsh tenor and creative director. Has travelled the world with various vocal harmony and acapella groups at prestigious festivals and events, as well as performed in west end musicals such Jersey Boys, Fiddler on the Roof and Flashdance the Musical.

Professionalism, Science, Wife and Sons, A nice coffee, creating and experimenting with music.

Glitter, bad manners, bad hygiene, stubbing toes and standing on kids toys.

The Magnets
The Beatbox Collective
The Bellevilles (no link yet)
Vinyl Jax (no link yet)
The Globe Girls

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