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A diverse, experienced set of industry experts will surround your venue/event and make sure that it WILL stand out Above The Crowd.

Nobody needs to dazzle us with facts

We know that working in the fast-paced events industry drops you into the top 5 most stressful careers!

  • 7 day working weeks
  • unsociable working hours
  • financial rewards that lack return on investment
  • creation of experiences rather than 'only' events

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The Above The Crowd Experience

Give the ATC Team 3 days with your venue/events teams. In return, we will present via a bespoke workshop the path to being Above The Crowd


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ATC is off to London

So why does an industry three times larger than agriculture, that contributes a whopping 35% to the UK's tourism market, with an enviable £47b price tag have such poor representation and support from its government?

Rebecca Pow MP for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, The Event Planning Board (did you know we had one) and a lot of significant others have just published a plan to support Business Events in the United Kingdom - Might even get you a £20k boost to your budget if your attraction is international.

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ATC is pleased to introduce an 80s revival group (and SO MUCH MORE) that does the period justice

The Magnets

The Magnets Group
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